We receive our customers’ requests by phone, email and live chat to offer the best answers and solutions.


We offer updated information on the products, services and promotions offered by your company and we evaluate the success of the actions we deploy. Our team is trained for this type of contact and we are recommended by our experience.

Technical support

We answer to technical support requests and we offer assistance in solving complaints from customers in order to consolidate your business relationship.

Customer Care

Our operators are ready to answer in real-time to your customers’ requests. A wide experience in the customer service industry and the latest solutions of assistance allow us to solve fast all requests sent by phone, chat or email.

Commercial assistance

We offer commercial assistance for the purchased products, including necessary details on our solutions and services to maintain a good connection between our client companies and their consumers in the market.

Marketing campaigns management

We manage multiple types of marketing campaigns to help our client companies identify their target audiences in order to contact their future customers. Our marketing campaigns help our clients build a stronger brand image and create new sales opportunities.


We offer a number of specific call center services – B2B and B2C.

Telemarketing and Telesales

We assist you in extending your customer portfolio and improving overall costs by using a large range of communication channels to promote your product benefits.


Our wide experience recommends us for running customer surveys for companies that need information on the industry they are part of. By employing various surveys on a large array of existing customers and prospects, Blue Point is able to deliver important data on the market of interest.

Market research

We are trained to contact existing and potential customers in order to obtain valuable information that provides objective analyses which can influence in a positive manner sales growth.

Lead generation

We can help our clients increase the sales efficiency through multiple solutions of contact. At the same time, our operators are ready to contact potential market customers and create a sales strategy to assist our clients.

Loyalty programs

Creating and nurturing a positive relationship with your existing customers is much cheaper in the long run that investing additional sums of money to attract new ones. For this reason, loyalty programs that are created to retain customers are a priority for any company.


Any company needs optimization services to improve its internal and external activities, which led our company to offering a mix of additional solutions: Door to Door, direct marketing or database administration.

Complete services: Door to Door

We use this service to initiate contact with customers that want to purchase your products and we make sure they reach their destination as fast as possible.

Direct marketing

We coordinate direct marketing campaigns to initiate communication with existing and potential customers and to promote products or services that your company offers by using a wide range of tools, from phone and live chat to email and SMS.

Database administration

One of the most demanding activities which require time and attention to details is a database administration. That’s why, we organized a number of teams to assist your company by taking over this sort of activity. Our operators have been very well trained to cover multiple fields of activities and market interests.