The Story of Simona, One of the First Blue Point Employees

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Blue Point started its activities in the Romanian service industry in 2007 and from that moment on, the company grew to become one of the most promising call centers in the market.

In one of our previous articles, Violeta Roşu – Managing Partner at Blue Point Call Center – offered more details about the company, informed us what exactly makes them different from competition and which are the main challenges encountered in the relationship with clients.

Therefore, after we discovered Blue Point from the point of view of someone who is actively leading the company, we now have the chance to see things from a different perspective. Simona, one of the first Blue Point employees, witnessed the company’s evolution along the years and can give us more details.

To better understand Blue Point and the way this company is regarded by its oldest employee, we will address Simona 11 key questions, allowing her to reveal more information about her workplace, as well as about herself.


11 Questions for Simona, a Blue Point employee


1. When did you start working for Blue Point and what were your responsibilities?

I started working for Blue Point on May 13, 2009 and apparently the number 13 proved to be quite lucky for me. At that moment, there was available the Phones Officiant position, so I took advantage of the opportunity and I applied. I managed to obtain the job and starting from that moment on I had the possibility to keep a permanent contact with our clients’ customers in order to understand the way they think and what they really need from us.

2. What is your current position and how do you think your responsibilities changed along the years?

I am now Project Manager and my responsibilities really changed from 2009. At this moment I am in a superior position, which allows me to consider my work from a more relaxed perspective and I am now able to understand that every work experience is important for the future of our careers.

For instance, if in the past I was responsible solely for my actions, I am now accountable for the teams under my coordination, long term project planning and detailed analysis of final results. Though we are used to envy people in higher places, we need to understand that better positions bring along higher responsibilities which we must face.

3. How does a normal day look like for you at Blue Point?

We are working with people, so every day is different. However, there is a certain daily routine, such as writing emails, sending reports/ cases to our clients, analyzing the ongoing projects and the various number of situations that appear every week.

A large part of the day is dedicated to supervising particular cases that occur in our work, from implementing new plans to maintaining the active projects developments, not to mention the inevitable feedback sessions.

4. Would you recommend a friend to join Blue Point? Why?

Yes, of course. I would be delighted to recommend a friend to join Blue Point. Actually, I have already done this in the past and some of those people are still working for the company. Why did I do it and why would I do it again? I could provide so many reasons, but I believe the main arguments would be the following:

  • Young collective, which makes things move fast creating a dynamic atmosphere around;
  • A great experience for young people who are at the beginning of the road;
  • An ideal place for people with experience to practice their knowledge;
  • Real chances for promotion.

5. Is it difficult working in a call center? What are the main challenges?

I don’t know if it’s difficult working in a call center. It is indeed a challenge and there are moments and moments. However, all the situations we encountered help you develop your personal and professional life. By working in a challenging environment you develop not only experience, but character, and all these elements are really helpful for your future career.

Anyone who worked in jobs that imply contacting and managing people knows that unexpected challenges appear all the time and opportunities of meeting different people daily becomes the norm. From a professional point of view, I may add that the main challenges that occur in a client service position is to respect given deadlines and to create a positive connection between our clients and their customers.

6. Do you believe that working in a client support position is useful for someone without any work experience?

I believe a work experience in a customer care department is very useful for someone that starts working. Such a position helps you integrate in a collective where you meet many personalities, offers you the possibility to learn how to face difficult moments, but it also teaches you to respect a set of procedures so that people connected to your job may understand that things take place in a logical predictable manner.

From a personal point of view, I believe that such a job improves your communication skills and it helps you understand customers’ expectations and their daily needs.

7. What qualities or professional abilities did you obtain after working for Blue Point?

Without getting into many details, I could mention shortly the main qualities I developed while working for Blue Point:

  • Higher analysis capacity
  • Better communication skills (writing and talking to people)
  • Increased adaptability
  • Active learning
  • Positive attitude

These abilities have been developed along the years through permanent contact with the entire collective in Blue Point, but thanks to the training sessions offered by the company too.

8. What piece of advice would you offer to a new employee? What are those elements that need to be considered by new employees in Blue Point?

I recommend all new people to keep an open mind so they may acquire new information fast, stay involved in everything they do and be patient. Though it may seem that things take place in fast forward and new moments lead to new situations rapidly, it doesn’t mean that we are not very well organized and ready to respond to our clients’ needs. As anyone who worked in a customer support position may tell you, all these elements are quite normal in such a work environment.

As I was saying in a previous question, those who work in such a position for a certain amount of time gain many advantages for their future careers. If we are to compare a customer support job with any other position, there is no better place to be for people that want to learn fast, communicate better and have enhanced possibilities to rise in higher work positions.

9. How do you see the future? Will you continue working in the service industry or will you change your work direction?

I work for over 15 years in the client service industry and working with and for people has always been my call. So, I have no plans to change my work activity and I assume that one way or another I will continue working for people. I believe that a job which gives you the chance to help people and others around you offers the greatest possible satisfaction.

10. What is your greatest passion? How are you spending your free time?

I love reading, listening to music and walking in the park. When time allows it, I leave Bucharest for the seaside, the mountains and any other place that is interesting to explore.

11. Do you enjoy travelling? Where would you like to go and why?

I would really love to be able to travel. I would love to see Turkey and Amsterdam. Up to this moment, I didn’t have the opportunity or the courage. But, if I am now 30 years old, I believe it is the right moment to go for both these destinations. They are on my bucket list and I really hope to be able to get in both destinations as fast as possible.


These are the 11 questions we addressed to Simona, one of the first Blue Point employee, and we hope the answers we received managed to inspire you to consider our company for a professional collaboration. For more information on Blue Point, contact us and we’ll do our best to come back to you as fast as possible with the requested details.


Blue Point is a call center company offering customized solutions for outbound (telesales, telemarketing, surveys, etc.) and inbound (customer support, helpdesk info line and technical support, loyalty programs, cross sell upsell & inbound) services. The most popular clients assisted by our company are ING Bank, Metropolitan Life, Heineken, Hochland, Reader’s Digest, Ţiriac Auto, Vodafone and Xerox.